BOE announces a see-through MLED display with over 65% transparency - news

Transparent displays make for eye-catching smart windows in stores, but they have issues – low pixel density, low brightness and (worst of all) low transparency. Display maker BOE claims that it has found a way to solve these problems with its new MLED technology.

MLED displays have a transmittance of above 65% (i.e. 65% of all light behind the display goes through it). The company apparently has built a 16” panel using this new tech and it is impressively bright too – 1,000 nits (and capable of contrast ratios of 100,000:1). Creative LED Screen

BOE announces a see-through MLED display with over 65% transparency - news

The area between pixels actually has a transmittance of more than 90%. The team at BOE used a clever arrangement of the wiring to pixels and the pixel structure to achieve an average transmittance of 65+ percent for the entire panel.

The bigger the gap between the pixels, the more transparent the display. But that’s a problem if you want a high quality image, not just transparency. BOE’s optimized layout seems to have fixed that as well since the mentioned 16” panel has 2.5K resolution.

To put this achievement in context, LG was talking up OLED displays with 45% transparency earlier this year, which were placed on a futuristic bus touring around in Suwon, South Korea.

Anyway, the BOE panel is apparently undergoing testing by TÜV Rheinland for its Eye Comfort Certification (which measures things like the blue light emitted, reflectivity, contrast, flicker and more). BOE hasn’t said when the first MLED displays will be on the market.

this can help for under-display camera phones but idiots can't think that further

This can be used in a lot of places especially in Information Desk Areas, Showcase Rooms, Malls, Museums, Event Venues, Conference Halls, Hospital Waiting Areas, Bus and Train Stations etc.

They haven't said what is MLED according to them so better don't make assumptions.

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BOE announces a see-through MLED display with over 65% transparency - news

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